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Blues Busters: How To Create An Uplifting Winter Gift Basket For The Gardener In Your Life

4 February 2019
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For those who love to garden, the season of winter can be long and difficult. Dreary days and more time spent indoors can predispose even the most cheerful person to a bad case of the winter blues. You can help your friend or loved one banish the blues by creating a special winter gift basket to remind them that gardening season is right around the corner. Pick a cheerful container for your gift Read More …

Keeping Your Septic System Free Of Common Malfunctions

19 December 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Preventing a septic system from suffering serious problems should be a major concern for most homeowners. Yet, there are many routine decisions and mistakes that can lead to a septic system suffering major performance problems or malfunctions. Understand The Problems A Garbage Disposal Can Create For A Septic System A garbage disposal can be an easy kitchen appliance to abuse. When homeowners put excessive amounts of food down the garbage disposal, it can lead to major plumbing problems for any home, but this is particularly problematic for septic systems. Read More …

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

13 November 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Curtains, blinds, shutters, valances, and shades all serve a specific purpose. While they add a decorative touch to your window, these window treatments also enhance the overall look of your room. Of course, some window treatment designs offer other benefits, too. Because of the many options available, you may find choosing one for your specific windows is overwhelming. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a window treatment. Read More …

Living In A Starter Home? 3 Reasons To Hire A Tree Service Company

1 October 2018
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While living in a forever home, you should feel confident about making changes to the landscape that align with your personal preferences. But, when you own and live in a starter home, you will benefit from managing the landscape with the idea that you will sell the house in the future. If you have not put much time and effort into maintaining the landscape, especially the trees, you should consider hiring a tree service company such as Able Scape, Inc for guidance. Read More …

Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

20 August 2018
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Want to make one change to your home that will significantly improve its energy efficiency and its appearance? You might consider replacing your windows, especially if they're older. Your windows are a critical element in your home's structure. They do more than just provide a view to the outside. They also protect your home from the elements and contribute to your home's curb appeal. An investment in new windows could be significant, but you may be able to recoup that expense through improved energy efficiency and increased home value. Read More …

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